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 We Are One of the Leading Manufacturers Have been Supplying Temporary Fence systems to Australia and New Zealand Clients as one of our main businesses. We are equipped with complete equipment to make a large range of optional temporary fencing such as powder-coated temporary fence panels, hot-dipped galvanized temporary fence panels, pre-galvanized temporary fencing panels, et. 

We always ensure customers get the highest quality at the lowest fair quotes; we greatly emphasise the quality control process is moving towards a better quality temporary fencing system. QC inspectors vigilantly scrutinise the manufacturing process from start to finish. Our loyal teams of professionals and technicians with massive years of combined expertise.

We constantly strive to improve and innovate to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Excellent before and after-sales service ensures customer satisfaction every time. We built a brand and reputation respected no matter overseas clients or our domestic china suppliers or business partners. 

Our Core Values

  We believe that it is not only our quality temporary fence products and service standards that distinguish us from our competitors but also our people. Our professional and reliable team will do our best to help meet your product requirements and delivery expectations. For many reasons, we are a leading supplier of Temp Fence and related products in Australia, here are just some of our supplied products. 

Trading Ability

1) Export Experiences: 12 years 2) Trade Staff: 35 People; 3) Total Export Revenue: $ 350,0000-650,0000 4) Export Percentage: 95.6% 5) Main Market :Australia and New Zealand

Production Capacity

1)Manufacturer Area:8666 m2 2) Welding Spot Machine 67 units 3)Blow moulding 1 unit and 1 Injection Molding 4) Welded Wire Mesh Machine 1 unit 5) 5 punched machines and


1) AS4687-2007 complied with Australia Standard Temporary Fencing 2) ISO9001 Certificate, SGS Testing Passed Temporary Fence Panels 3) Reliable Service and the Lowest Cost 4) Familiar with Australia and New Zealand Import and Exporting Process and Papers Handle

Our Teams

 We are a young but highly professional team, continuously improving and innovating, so it stands out from the competition. Holding the spirit of Temporary  Fencing Brand, which stands for smile, patience, efficiency, courtesy and creativity, as our corporate culture. 

Why Us ?

The customers think highly recommended by the local and overseas customers for our top quality, competitive price and the most efficient delivery. Our company’s extensive experience guarantees the satisfaction of our customers.  As a leading temporary fencing manufacturer, all we supply construction fence panels are fully meet AS4687-2007 we ow complete production system to make temporary fencing panels clamp even all types of temporary fencing base in one working shop; we design and make complete temporary fencing system full range of fence brace and pedestrian gates and vehicle gate shade cloth and handrails etc. We are a temporary fencing manufacturer. All we supply construction fence panels fully meet AS4687-2007. We ow complete production system to make temporary fencing panels clamp even all types of temporary fencing base in one working shop.

Direct Manufacturer

We design and make a complete temporary fencing system full range of fence braces and pedestrian gates and vehicle gate shade cloth and handrails etc. offer a full range of temporary fencing panels to Australia and New Zealand Market; we strictly perform AS4687-2007 standards to ensure customer construction site under the highest safe level. Since the 2005 years, the weld mesh and chain mesh temporary fencing was gradually imported by a local buyer through long term and repeat service of construction site the overall dimension 2100mm height and a 2400mm width OD32mm tube with 60mm*150mm was proved no matter of wind testing and impact testing, and cost of construction fencing panels among all of other specification of temporary fencing was with excellent capacity  


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