Not all temporary fence panels are equal

Not all temporary fence panels are equal. From panel to panel, from supplier to supplier, manufacturing and quality may vary significantly. Moreover, it is essential to know what the difference is and how to find the difference to determine if you have been paid the salary, have not been ripped off, and that the temporary fence is sufficient to cover the work you want to complete.

Customers often ask us to replace the existing temporary fence installation, which is temporarily not up to the current job. Or, we will be on-site and see the active fence board. For temporary fence rental, you need to consider the quality of the product when you rent it.

If the frame and mesh filler are rusty, bent or cracked, there is absolutely no point in renting and installing temporary fences. In this case, the fence’s effectiveness to enable people to enter, leave or secure is significantly reduced. Moreover, the risk of personal injury is significantly increased.

Therefore, please pay special attention to these elements when looking at the quality of rental components for temporary fences.

What is the fence panel made of

Generally speaking, there are only two types of materials for temporary fence panels. Steel or aluminium. You will be able to distinguish the difference based on your weight. Steel fence panels will be much heavier than aluminium.

Both steel and aluminium have advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to consider where to install the temporary wall panels to determine which material is most suitable.

It would help if you made the construction fence and safety fence panel of steel because it is more durable. Since the height of the building fence is higher than said, the probability of the temporary fence surrounding the steel fence will be significantly reduced. Otherwise, the wind will blow down, or some naughty children will try to climb it.

One disadvantage of using steel is that it is easy to rust, so hot-dip galvanised steel is the only way to go.

Aluminium is a good choice if you only want to rent crowd control or half-height barriers. It is lightweight, making obstacles easy to install, shrinking and moving when needed.

The construction method of the temporary fence panel

Asking about the structure of the temporary fence is another crucial question to ask when renting a temporary fence. This is another area where the quality varies greatly.

If the temporary fence panel fails, it will usually be done at the connection first. We requested the replacement of panels installed by others because the panel grid has effectively worn out, and the connection between the frame and the steel grid has been separated. This is a big problem, and the reasons are as follows:

The fence is in poor condition and no longer meets the Australian temporary fence and plot standard (AS 4687 – 2007)

The stability of the entire fence installation is affected

Since intruders can now enter the scene more quickly through the holes in the panel, the security risk increases

As the damaged part of the fence has become a safety hazard and may cause personal injury, the responsibility of the site administrator and property owner is significantly increased.

Ideally, when you rent temporary fence panels, you want to make sure that all connections are hand-welded to improve strength and durability.

How to maintain the fence panel

The maintenance of temporary fence panels and all other temporary fence components is also a critical factor in ensuring that you can help when renting.

Let’s face it, temporary fences are not the most exciting or attractive project you will see at any construction site or any event, but they can still be seen anyway, just like curbing appeals at home; your fence will judge you.

No one wants to see old, tired, rusty and crooked fence panels. You may have the neatest work site or the most successful event. Still, your reputation may be affected by the quality of the fence protecting your construction site or guiding event participants.

Of course, you can paste brand banners or protective nets on the panel, but the fence components will still be displayed. Moreover, if these parts are old, rusty and damaged, people will notice.

Putting aside vanity, renting a temporary fence that has not been fully maintained will further increase the possibility that the fence will not function fully and may bring harm or risk to unknowing users or bystanders.

Before renting and installing on-site, all temporary fence components must be inspected. Then, at the end of each event or project, all components must be thoroughly inspected when removed and returned. This ensures that no damage is overlooked, and any panels or components that start to show wear can be repaired or replaced.

The cost of renting a temporary fence does play a significant role

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