What is Electrostatic Spraying Powder Coated Temporary Fence

The powder-coated temporary fence takes advantage of Electrostatic spray coating consists of depositing electrically charged powder particles on the metal surface at ambient temperature. The electrostatic charge is obtained by conveying the powder through a particular spraying device, such as a “corona” or “tribe” spray gun. 


Thickness of Metal

The thickness of powder-coated temporary fence of the part: The process is recommended for coating parts up to 6 mm thick.

Thickness of coating desired

The process allows controlled thickness ranging from 80 to 120 μm and from 100 to 150 μm .

Size of the part to be coated

There are no limits to the dimensions of the part to be coated; partial coating is possible.


Powder Coated Temporary Fence Panels Available custom in any preferred colour,r the powder layer minimum of 80 microns complied with local circumstances required. Electrostatic spray powder coating is the most widely used method of applying powder coated materials.

  • Reasonable control over powder deposition
  • Partial coating of the part can be achieved
  • Lower temperature to fuse powder
  • Shorter time to fuse powder
  • No crosslinking risk compared to thermoset materials
  • Smaller powder stock required
  • The process may be automated

Project Case Of Powder Coated Temporary Fence

RAL 1026 Temporary Fencing Panels

RAL 1026 Power Coated Temporary Fence Panels were sold to Brisbane and darwin come with yellow colour temporary fencing clamp and foot

RAL 2009 Temporary Fence Panels

 RAL 2009 Power Coated Temporary Fence Panels we supplied to Melbourne Australia and Nelson and Auckland New Zealand before 

RAL 6005 Temporary Fencing Panels

RAL 6005 Power Coated Temporary Fence Panels we make 260 units to one Perth customers come with temporary fencing brace and powder clamp

Why need a better packing for these powder-coated temporary fence panels?

Powder Coated, Temporary Fence Panels, packing notably to need to be careful than usual galvanised temporary fencing panels cause to consider an artistically out-surface always required by customers.  


Powder coating Temporary Fencing gives an extra layer to anti-corrosion and is available in thousands of colours. Customers can choose any colour they want. It is suitable for those areas that need this fencing not to look iata sudden sight. 

uniform color

 According to the requirement, we also supplied the same colour temporary fencing block. We clamped in relatively fair quotes they come with to make up a complete temporary fence system to help customers to build a reliable construction security Power Coated Temporary Fence Panels system. 

What is Powder Coated ?

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