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Temporary Dog Fencing New Zealand -dog Play Pen

If you have just moved into a home and want to build temporary dog fencing in NZ to ensure your dog’s safety quickly, the idea of a temporary dog fence is a wise choice, giving you time to decide what to do in the long run. The temporary portable dog fence easy to move when you leave for tenants who rent a house. Wooden or vinyl picket Dog Fences help keep small or older, quiet dogs but do not work for solid and energetic dogs that may push over the fence.

Fences can be used in prefabricated areas and installed immediately by planting several posts. On the other hand, to buy a free-standing fence post with a heavy base, knock a few well-spaced nails in each fence part and nail them to the fence post, or if there is a support on the fence post, the panel can be directly inserted into it. This fence may be permanent if installed correctly when your dog is not a runaway artist.

Specifications temporary dog fencing nz

Temporary Dog Fence Specification 

  •  24inch W31 x H24”*8pcs 1 pcs 76.2
  • 32inch W31 x H32”*8pcs 1 pcs 111.1
  • 40inch W31 x H40”*8pcs 1 pcs 137.5 



  • Metal square tube for the body, making it more robust.
  • Full sizes are available in  38, 42, and 46 inches.
  •  Surface: Powder coating
  •  temporary dog fence can customise colour, sizes and packages. 

Pet lovers and owners, especially tenants who do not want to bear any significant expenses in the leased property, like the invisible dog fence best. Wireless fences form a certain perimeter around the central base station installed in the house through radio waves. You can use them within 25 acres. The dog will wear a collar with precisely the same wavelength. When it moves outside the periphery, the collar will take corrective actions, such as buzzing or slight electric shock.

Fences can be temporary or permanent and portable, but they are not considered reliable because they usually produce fluctuation signals or interference from metal roofs and walls. The plastic fence is light in weight, versatile, and easy to install as a temporary measure. Buy it at most hardware stores and install it on any existing vertical structure with a rope. They have pressure treated wooden lattices and white vinyl lattices with openings of different sizes for privacy. Cut it to size with a hand saw and set it for more ongoing use by adding fence posts or fixing them to the wall structure of the building.

Why Dog Play Pen is a good idea for temporary dog fencing?

Activity and crowd control fence panels, such as sports boards, can make an excellent temporary fence for large dogs. The panel is heavy and cannot be moved easily. They are easy to install and remain upright without support. The disadvantage is that this type of fencing is challenging to buy and expensive because it is mainly used for commercial purposes in festivals and sports events. However, if you want to buy the old part of the event fence, please contact the event management company to see if they have any parts for sale.


You occasionally need to lock up your dog to protect your pet or backyard. But what if you want to use the fence occasionally? Using removable or temporary backyard dog fences is an excellent choice. The idea of a temporary dog fence is the best way to keep your pet where you want.

Temporary Dog Fence Chain Link

Chain Link Kennel panels are six panels, and eight panels are joined together using the metal stakes provided and can be set up quickly without other tools. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors; you can use the pegs to secure panels to grass or compacted soil area outdoors. 

 Assembled dimensions (L x W x H):  7.5×7.5x4ft

  • 10x10x6ft
  • 13×7.5x6ft
  • 13x13x6ft
  •  7.5×7.5x4ft


Features temporary dog fencing nz

  • *The roof cover has UV protection, making it more like a new one
  • *The 1.5-inch raised legs make cleaning super easy so you can hose or sweep away any debris
  • *Dog safety lockable latch ensures Fido safety
  • *Modular design means that you can position gates and panels in any configuration
  • *Ground anchors are recommended
  • *Suitable for 85 pound dogs
  • *Color: black powder coating
  • *Including silver gray waterproof cloth, 3-year warranty
  • *Provide mail order packaging
  •  *100% commercial grade galvanized steel structure
  • *The top of the double-sided durable awning provides rain and sun protection
  • *Connect multiple kennels together without any additional parts or panels
  • *Easy pull lock
  • *Made of heavy steel with rust proof steel wire, able to withstand the test of time and welded before coating to prevent sharp edges
  • *Fully enclosed tarpaulin cover and steel roof frame protect your dog friends from sun, snow or rain
  • *The pre assembled panel and gate are installed in a few minutes and easy to use, so you don’t need any tools 
  •  *Easy to set up without tools. 

Welded Temporary Dog Fencing Specification

Weld Mesh Temporary Dog Fence

  • 1.) Size is 5x10x6ft or 6x6x4ft
  • 2.) Frame is OD32mm, SHS25x25mm
  • 3.) Mesh Wire is 50x100mm, or 50x50mm, or 25x25mm etc
  • 4.) Packed into carton, pallet
  • 5.) Hot dipped galvanised, or in black/grey/green etc

1.) Australia standard dog panels in 1.2×1.8m, or 1.5×1.8m, or 2.0×1.8m

2.) Frame is in a 25x25mm square tube

3.) Mesh in 50x50mm, in 4mm thickness

4.) In the middle add one bar to be strong


Photo temporary dog fencing nz

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