Temporary Hoarding

 Portable temporary hoarding is a safe and private way to ensure the perimeter of your site. This temporary fence is easy to install and increases your website security compared to the standard transparent temporary net fence.

The portable fence hoardings are connected using a fence clip (coupler). We recommend using two couplers for each connection at the top and bottom of the panel to ensure that the system is well connected. The panel consists of 38.1 mm tubes on both sides. The tubes extend to the bottom of the panel, allowing them to slot directly into the rubber block fence feet. These feet will support the panel, ensure it stays in place and does not slip or fall easily.

Hoarding plates are made using pre-coating steel in this form as the standard. Then the fencing board can be painted with various colours or powder, and we can match the hoarding panel colour to match your company’s colour if needed.

 We strongly recommend a powder coating finish where aesthetics are necessary as it is a far superior option. Paint is a perfect budget solution when looking for a cost-effective solution. Still, pain may run or scratch relatively quickly when compared to powder-coated temporary hoarding panels.


  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Domestic housing sites
  • Commercial sites
  • Environmental protection areas

Advantages of Temporary Hoarding

  • Lightweight and easy to install manually
  • Independent, so there’s no need to dig
  • compatible with all temporary fence products.
  • Provision of vehicular and pedestrian access
  • Delivery and installation nationwide
  • Available for rental and purchase


  • Material: Pre-galvanized steel frame and colour holding plate
  • Hoarding Panels Wall Thick: 0.4–0.65 mm
  • L × H: 2500 x 1800mm, 2000 × 2100mm, 2400 × 2100mm, 2000 x 2500mm, 2300m x 2100m , 1800X2240mm,2000X2160mm, customized sizes
  • U-Profile: 50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm
  • Frame Pipe: O.D. 32/38/40/42/48 mm
  • Base Feet: Rubber or steel base feet
  • Colour: White, Blue, Red


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