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We offer a full range of temporary fence panels, blocks and clamps to the New Zealand Market. We strictly performed AS4687-2007 standards to ensure customer construction sites are under the highest safe level. Since 2006, the weld and chain mesh construction fence were gradually imported by a local buyer through long-term and repeat service of construction site the overall dimension 2100mm height and a 2400mm width OD32mm &OD 40mm tube with 60mm*150mm.

 Temporary fencing NZ standard Pass wind testing, impact testing and cost of construction fencing panels, among all other specifications of construction fence, were with excellent capacity. Temp Fence Panels 2100mmx2400mm with a standard frame tube with 1.00mm, 1.40mm, 2.00mm etc. Boss Metal offers a variety of alternative options for portable fence panels and temp fence couplers. 

These items are abreast of Australia and New Zealand Local Made Quality but at a much better price. Please feel free to contact our professional sales teams anytime, no matter if you need anywhere else in New Zealand or Australia.

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Temp Fence Products Ranges

pre-galvanized fence panels

Good Quality 14 microns hot dipped galvanized or pre-galvanized portable fence panels 2100mm x 2400mm od 32 38mm 40mm and 42mm 48mm etc.

power coated temp fence

Powder-coated temp fence panels minimum coated 80 microns available difference of colours option such as orange-yellow etc.

Hot dipped galvanized temporary fencing panels

Hot dipped galvanized temp fence is HDG after fabricated inside &outside tubes with a min 100 microns layer.

Construction hoarding

Temporary steel or temporary hoarding is a solid wall fence essential at any site where construction or building site.

Temp Pool Fencing

Temporary pool fencing is required during swimming or spa construction or before installing permanent pool fencing.

Round Top Fence Panels

Temporary pool fencing is required during the swimming pool or spa construction or before installing permanent pool fencing.

Manufactured from Temporary Fence Blocks to Clamps

 We own complete molding of fence block no matter you need blow molding base or injection base available any hole size you need and put your logo and business name website phone number on it, we are proud of supplying these with the highest UV treated three years five year ten year no color lighter even our temp fence block drop it from 3-meter height no broken bottom of the face even bottom of face touch with ground our fence base is the highest quality. Construction Fencing NZ standards included fence panels,  fencing block, clamp, etc. If you want to import a temp  fence to Auckland or Wellington, leave us a message

Temporary Fencing Clamp

Construction Temp Fence Clamps are manufactured to the highest standards, fully hot-dip galvanized, or Hot-dipped Rolled Galvanized Plates and tested to withstand extremely high pressures. Fence Clamps are essential to maintaining the fence run’s structural integrity. Using cheap or imitation fence clamps can cause damage to fence runs or create un-secure gaps in the structure that could allow access to unauthorized individuals to the work area.

Complete Optionals Of Temporary Fence Accessories

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